Frequently Asked Questions

Answers and explanations to some questions.

What are the YAML files for?

config.yml: This is where you can configure everything. Please shut down your server before editing this file to avoid issues.

editor.yml: This file contains all panel configurations for every in-game editor that can be accessed. Please shut down your server before editing this file to avoid issues.

lang.yml: This file is where all the default configuration for the plugin messages is held, this does not include the messages that can be selected by the boss sections, and can be loaded in to the server once you are finished editing the file and save it via the command /boss reload.

Difference between Legacy and 1.13+?

Some of the files in the EpicBosses plugin are different depending on the version you run, so make sure you grab the correct one for your server.

The following files are different:

  • editor.yml

  • items.json

How to handle custom items?

To handle CustomItems from the CustomItems Panel you can do the following things:

  • Left/Shift-Left Click to obtain the Item in your Inventory

  • Right/Shift-Right Click to remove the item from the EpicBosses Item Database

  • Middle Click to duplicate the item in to another item in the Database

How to setup custom skills?

To set up a custom skill and connect it in to the EpicBosses plugin you must do the following steps:

  1. Create a java file that extends CustomSkillHandler. Below is a description of each of the methods that it will give you when you extend this class.

    • doesUseMultiplier - This method is used to tell the plugin if this skill uses the default custom skill multiplier value.

    • getOtherSkillData - Returns a new element class that implements IOtherSkillDataElement if your custom skill has custom settings of it's own. Make sure that you add the Expose annotation from google gson infront of each field that is a data value so that the plugin knows which ones are the data values.

    • getOtherSkillDataActions - returns a list of buttons to add to the CustomSettings Panel under the skill in-game editing.

    • castSkill - Primary skill for each custom skill, which is used to cast the skill when the skill is called.

  2. Once you have fully set up your Custom Skill you then need to register it in to the plugin which can be done by using the method BossAPI.registerCustomSkill(yourCustomSkillHandler); and that is that is needed to add your own custom skills.

NOTE: Your class name is the name of the skill unless you Override the method getSkillName in your CustomSkillHandler class. A good example of how to set up a custom skill is by looking at the pre-set custom skills, here is a link to one of them:

How to disable debug messages in console?

To disable debug messages in console, you can go in to the config.yml and set the debug setting to false.

What are the drop types?

  1. Spray: Releases the drop(s) in a big range. Sprays them, literally.

  2. Drop: Drops it where it dies or predefined location

  3. Give: Upon death, sends items directly into player(s) inventories.