Frequently Asked Questions

Answers and explanations to some questions.

How do I upgrade my farms?

You are able to upgrade your farms by right-clicking the end-rod and you have a choice of using XP. or money. This will allow your farms to increase its range and other features that Epic Farming allows it to do. You are also able to change the settings for the farms on what each level will give upon each level up.

How do I make my farm auto-harvest?

The farms or the animal drops in the range of the farm will automatically be transferred to the farm's inventory. You are able to access this by left-clicking your farm and this will bring up a GUI with your items available for pickup.

How do I set my farm to auto breed?

Put the dedicated item required to breed an animal in the farm inventory, it will then use those items to breed nearby animals. For example wheat for cows, carrots for pigs, etc.

How do I make my farm auto-replant?

The farm will automatically replant if it has a seed in it's farm inventory. For example seeds for wheat, carrots for carrots, potatoes for potatoes, etc.