Search through over 19,000 artistic and unique heads, which are perfect for playful perks or decorations in professional build projects.

EpicHeads offers over 20,000 unique, artistic heads accessible through a GUI with optional economy support! Perfect for builders and creative servers.

Download EpicHeads on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop the EpicHeads.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.


EpicHeads requires Vault and an economy manager to utilize all of its features.

Plugin Features

  • Thousands of Heads: EpicHeads features over 20,000 heads.

  • Categories: EpicHeads categorizes all of its heads, so there will be no problem finding the head that suits your needs.

  • Search: Need a specific head but don't want to browse the GUI? Search for one instead!

  • Economy Support: Option to charge users for obtaining heads by using your economy.

  • GUI Based: There's no more need for commands; get a preview of the heads as you browse through the categories.

  • Head Restriction: Restrict or remove heads from the menu.


All of our plugins are open source! Feel free to check this plugin's code out HERE!