Plugin Files

Important files uploaded to see some available configurations.
# General settings and options.
# The amount of time in between saving to file.
# This is purely a safety function to prevent against unplanned crashes or
# restarts. With that said it is advised to keep this enabled.
# If however you enjoy living on the edge, feel free to turn it off.
Auto Save Interval In Seconds: 15
# This is the discord button displayed in the main GUI
# Clicking this button will bring you to a discord where you can
# add or remove heads to the global library this plugin uses.
# AS well as get updates on future releases and features.
Show Discord Button: true
# Enabling this will make it so that a player can get all heads
# for free as long as they are in the creative game mode.
Heads Free In Creative Mode: false
# Should heads drop after a monster is killed?
Drop Mob Heads: true
# Should a players drop their head on death?
Drop Player Heads: true
# When a player or monster is killed what should be
# the chance that their head drops?
Head Drop Chance: 25%
# These are head ID's from the global database that are disabled.
# By default this is filled with non existent ID's.
Disabled Global Heads:
- 34567
- 34568
- 34569
# These settings allow you to alter the way interfaces look.
# They are used in GUI's to make paterns, change them up then open up a
# GUI to see how it works.
Glass Type 1: 7
Glass Type 2: 11
Glass Type 3: 3
# Settings regarding economy.
# Only one economy option can be used at a time. If you enable more than
# one of these the first one will be used.
# The cost the of the head. If you wan't to use PlayerPoints
# or item tokens you need to use whole numbers.
Head Cost: 24.99
# Should Vault be used?
Use Vault Economy: true
# Should PlayerPoints be used?
Use Player Points Economy: false
# Should item tokens be used?
Use Item Economy: false
# Item token options.
# Which item material type should be used?
# You can use any of the materials from the following link:
# If a player head is used as the token which head ID should be used?
# This can be any head from the global database.
Head ID: 14395
# What should the token be named?
Name: '&6Player Head Token'
# What should the tokens lore be?
- '&8Use in /Heads!'
# System related settings.
# The enabled language file.
# More language files (if available) can be found in the plugins data folder.
Language Mode: en_US