Frequently Asked Questions

Answers and explanations to some questions.

How do I upgrade my EpicHopper?

You are able to upgrade your hoppers by left-clicking the hopper, then deciding between using XP or money to upgrade it. This will allow your hopper to increase its range, speed, and other configurable features.

How do I use Sync-Touch?

This feature allows you to have items instantly transfer to a chest that you have linked your pickaxe to, as soon as you break a block. You start off by using the command /eh book . This will give you an enchant book that says Sync Touch. Now, to apply the enchant on the tool of your choosing, you will need to pick up the book and left click it onto your tool. After your Sync Touch has been applied, hold it in your hand, then left click a chest to link or unlink your pickaxe. It should notify you in the chat if it worked.

You are able to link your hopper by clicking the option in the GUI to start the linking process. When you click the option, you are given a limited amount of time to link your hopper by clicking a chest. It should notify you in the chat if it worked.

How do I setup autocrafting?

Autocrafting allows you to configure your hopper with an item for it to craft once it has the items to craft it inside of its inventory. You set the item of your choosing by selecting the crafting table in the GUI menu (unlocked when the hopper reaches level seven by default). It will provide you with one slot to place the item that you want to be crafted. When the hopper has been set up, any items that are put into the hopper that are enough to craft that item will automatically be crafted for you.

What is suction?

This will make your hopper vacuum up items within a block radius (default is at level 3 with a radius of 1). You are able to configure this to your liking in the config files.