Use your creativity to build and create magnificent floating islands, starting with minimal resources and building your way to success.

Description and Installation

FabledSkyBlock is a fun gamemode where you try and survive with minimal resources on a small island.

Download FabledSkyBlock on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop the FabledSkyBlock.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.


FabledSkyBlock requires Vault and an economy manager to utilize all of its features.

Plugin Features

  • Environments: Have an Overworld, Nether, and End island.

  • Scoreboard: Customize our own built-in scoreboard.

  • Biomes: Allow players to choose their island's biome.

  • Leveling: Allow players to battle whose island is worth the most with our leveling system.

  • Generators: Customize your own generator or even allow different generators with permissions.

  • Control Panel: Allow players to customize their island rules for visitors and members.

  • Creator: Create islands with a built-in GUI for ease of use.

  • Structures: Build and use your own islands with our structure system.

  • Developer API: Integrate FabledSkyBlock into your plugin for further expansion.

  • Co-op: Allow players to team up and create the best island possible.


All of our plugins are open source! Feel free to check this plugin's code out HERE!