Frequently Asked Questions

Answers and explanations to some questions.

How do I create a structure?

You can create a structure by using the structure tool item which can be obtained with the command '/island admin structure tool'. Using the structure tool item, select two positions of an area, stand where you want the spawn point to be, then to save the selected area, perform the command '/island admin structure save <name>'.

Alternatively, you can add a schematics file to the schematics folder of the plugin. This requires you to have WorldEdit installed. Make sure you copy and save the original schematic whilst standing in the spot you want players to spawn, otherwise it won't work.

How do I add a structure to the island creator?

To add a structure to the 'Island Creator' menu, you can do so by using the 'Structure Editor' menu which can be opened by performing the command '/island admin create'. There you can navigate existing structures or create your own for the 'Island Creator' menu. Note: Selecting the structure requires you to name the structure file, so you will need to insert '<name>.structure' when choosing which file to use. If you're using a schematic, it will be '<name>.schematic'.

How do I set the main spawn of the island world?

To set the main spawn point in an island world, set the main spawn point in a non island world with the command '/island admin setspawn' then create an island and make sure it is open with the command '/island open'. You will then be able to set the main spawn point in the island world with the command '/island admin setspawn'.

Where do I find the PlaceholderAPI expansion?

This plugin does not require an expansion for PlaceholderAPI to function correctly.

How do I use placeholders in EssentialsX chat?

You can use a placeholder for essentials chat format by having the character '{' as the prefix and closing the placeholder with the character '}' as the suffix. You will also need to use this plugin for it to work this is due to an issue in EssentialsXChat.

How do I setup LeaderHeads with FabledSkyBlock?

Place a sign. For the first line, type '[LeaderHeads]', the second line type 'toplevels', 'topbank', or 'topvotes', and on the third line type a number for the rank.

How do I set a hologram?

You can set the location of holograms with the command '/island admin sethologram'.

How do I change the scoreboard?

You can change the scoreboard by altering all of the different scoreboard options in the language.yml.

Can I fill stackables faster?

If you want to fill up stackables faster, so that you don't have to place every single stackable block individually, all you need to do: Place a hopper that leads into the stack, then fill the hopper with the stackable block! The hopper will place all of the blocks into the stack for you.

Note: This is only possible if you also have EpicHoppers.

Why are the placeholders not accepting my color codes?

The placeholders are hardcoded to have a specific color code added to them. To fix this, go into the language file, find the placeholder, and remove the color code from in front of that placeholder.

How can I get placeholders to work for the FeatherBoard scoreboard?

If you're using featherboard, you may need to change the placeholder slightly. So instead of %fabledskyblock_islands% you could need to use either

{fabledskyblock_islands} {placeholderapi_fabledskyblock_islands}

There's a hologram I can't remove

If holograms from the plugin are remaining when they're not supposed to, run the following command depending on your Minecraft version. Make sure you're standing inside of the hologram before running the command. 1.8: /minecraft:kill @e[type=ArmorStand,r=3] 1.12: /minecraft:kill @e[type=armor_stand,r=3] 1.13+: /minecraft:kill @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand,distance=..2]