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Why Join our Patreon?

Patreon is a great way to show your support and appreciation to Songoda's Team! On top of further supporting us, and letting us keep doing what we do, you will receive some awesome perks - our way of saying that we appreciate you, too!

It's with the help of our patrons that we are able to create even more free plugins for people to use. With every goal that we reach on our Patreon, we further the amount of free plugins that we're able to create and maintain for people to enjoy. We cannot thank our patrons enough for helping us take the leap towards removing plugin paywalls once and for all. Be sure to check out the video we have linked there to get a better idea of our goals. Thank you so much!

Our Personal Favorite Perks - Check These Out!

Some of the perks that we offer to patrons are extra cool, and we think they should be more well-known!

Stickers! Of course, we have to talk about our monthly stickers. This is the most well-known perk, but it's definitely one of our favorites. Each month ($5 or more tier), you will be sent our custom-made Songoda stickers! These stickers include a range from the icons of our plugins, to custom art showcasing some members of our Team! Check out the banner of the Patreon page, or look in the Discord to see any stickers that may be unique to the month that you're subscribed!

Plugin add-ons! These deserve so much more recognition! For some of our plugins, we offer plugin add-ons ($5 or more tier). These add-ons offer added range, uniqueness, and utility to our plugins. You can make hoppers farm mobs for you, have them smelt materials for you, and many more things to come. You can grab these add-ons from our patreon-exclusive Discord server. It's with the help of the Patreon program that we are able to make these super cool additions to our plugins, so it's much appreciated if you subscribe so that we can make even more for our patrons to use.

Free hosting! We have partnered with a hosting service in order to offer our patrons ($10 or more tier) free Minecraft server hosting! You can get up to 3GB of free hosting with our partner, ElixirNode. We are incredibly happy to have the opportunity to finally offer a perk of free hosting to our patrons; it's been a long time coming! Be sure to check out the Songoda+ Discord's announcements to learn how to redeem your 3GB!

Patreon Tiers and their Perks

Wanderer - $1 per month

  • Access to the Songoda+ Discord.

  • Access to the Songoda+ Minecraft server.

  • Wanderer rank in Discord.

  • Talk to our team in our actively used Discord channels.

  • Access to Songoda+ only posts.

Explorer - $5 per month

  • Explorer rank in Discord.

  • Access to plugin add-ons (downloadable in the Discord).

  • Access to beta & pre-release versions of our plugins.

  • Monthly Songoda stickers.

  • All previous tier rewards.

Adventurer - $10 per month

  • Adventurer rank in the Discord.

  • A free premium Songoda plugin of your choice for each month that you are subscribed.

  • 3GB of free Minecraft server hosting with our partner, ElixirNode. (If you need additional ram, you will need to pay for each gig above the initial three.)

  • All previous tier rewards.

Voyager - $25 per month

  • Voyager rank in Discord.

  • Ability to invite a non-subscribed friend to our Minecraft server.

  • Access to a private discussion channel with Songoda's admins.

  • All previous tier rewards.

Crusader - $50 per month

  • Crusader rank in Discord.

  • Free permanent access to any 3 Songoda paid plugin of your choice each month you are subscribed.

  • All previous tier rewards.

Protector - $100 per month

  • Protector rank in Discord.

  • Access to all of our premium plugins.

  • All previous tier rewards.

Conqueror - $250 per month

  • Conqueror Rank in Discord.

  • All previour tier rewards.

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