With this ultimate experience storage system, you will never lose another drop of EXP. Store, use and share your EXP among your friends.

Description and Installation

UltimateBottles allows you to store, trade, and even hoard your EXP! Keep it safe while traveling, give it to your friends, or just give it back to yourself.

Download UltimateBottles on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop the UltimateBottles.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.

Plugin Features

  • Storage: Easy storage of EXP inside of bottles.

  • Viewing: See how much EXP players have.

  • Commands: Use commands to take your own EXP, or give EXP to your players.

  • Ease of Use: Just throw a bottle to gain its stored EXP.


All of our plugins are open source! Feel free to check this plugin's code out HERE!