Take complete control over your server with a refined, powerful moderation and punishment system.

Description and Installation

UltimateModeration is the ultimate way to moderate your server. Take complete control over your server with a simplified and feature-rich moderation system!

Download UltimateModeration on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop the UltimateModeration.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.

Plugin Features

  • Tickets: GUI Based ticket system for easy problem handling.

  • Punishments: Ban, mute, kick, and warn users through the in-game GUI or by commands.

  • Templates: Create templates that make it easier to punish players.

  • Notes: Assign notes to players to keep info on them.

  • Slow Mode: Control the chat flow by slowing it down.

  • Staff Chat: Allow your staff to use their own channel to chat about the server in private.

  • Vanish: Customize your vanish command animation.

  • Spy: Spy on players and figure out what they are up to.

  • Settings GUI: Edit all settings from an in-game GUI.


All of our plugins are open source! Feel free to check this plugin's code out HERE!