Allow your players to repair their items in a unique, graphical, and intuitive way.

Description and Installation

UltimateRepairing brings forth a new frontier to the Minecraft anvil. Using UltimateRepairing, players will now be able to left-click anvils and repair items at the cost of EXP or in-game Economy balance. It also allows you to give anvils Unbreaking so that they will never break, which is extremely useful for an anvil at spawn!

Download UltimateRepairing on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop UltimateRepairing.jar in your plugins folder and restart the server. The plugin should now be loaded and the files should have been created.


UltimateRepairing requires Vault, an economy manager, and Holographic Displays to utilize all of its features.

Plugin Features

  • GUI Based: The plugin is entirely GUI based to make it easy to use.

  • Visual Effects: The plugin utilizes special effects to make your server look unique.

  • Unbreakable Anvils: Have the option to make sure that anvils will never break.

  • Remote: Access your repair GUI from anywhere by using a command.

  • Economy: Allow your users to either use XP or money to repair their gear.


All of our plugins are open source! Feel free to check this plugin's code out HERE!